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Huadian City laboratory instrument testing, engineering equipment calibration, (Shitong measurement strives to promote the development of new material instruments and meters)

Shitong Instrument Testing Service Co., Ltd., established in 2005 as a high-tech enterprise ". In the field of measuring and calibrating instruments and equipment, China's plastic extruder market is full of confidence. In line with the business purpose of scientific and technological innovation and serving the society, WorldCom has formed a business feature based on testing instruments, led by precision diagnostic instruments, combined with hardware products and software systems, and paying equal attention to production, sales and technical services after 20 years of unremitting efforts, and has successfully established an excellent professional company image and brand awareness. As the first professional company in China to promote and apply equipment condition monitoring and fault diagnosis technology, various software and hardware products developed by Shitong Instrument Testing Service Co., Ltd. have obtained more than 10 independent intellectual property rights, such as invention, utility model patent, computer software copyright, and have been widely used in metallurgy, petrochemical, electric power, paper making, railway, cement, automobile manufacturing and other industries, It has promoted the transformation of equipment management mode and the improvement of management efficiency in domestic industrial enterprises. Length measurement calibration laboratory: a laboratory with a long history of quantity transmission, complete standard equipment and strong testing and maintenance ability

the lab has 55 public measurement standards, including gauge block, flatness, roughness, optical instruments, surveying and mapping instruments, general measuring tools, precision measurement, coordinate measuring machine, roundness instrument, optometry standard set, etc., which are responsible for the transmission of geometric values in the region, providing inspection and calibration services, and carrying out the verification, calibration and repair of measuring instruments in various projects. Verification/calibration items carried out: gauge block, flat crystal, interferometer, length measuring instrument, theodolite, level, thickness measuring instrument, coordinate length measuring machine, optical meter, projector, image mapper, tool microscope, electric profiler, air momentum meter, deflector, micrometer, liquid plastic limit tester, square ruler tester, dial indicator calibrator, force measuring instrument, level calibrator, level zero calibrator Measuring microscope, reading microscope, metallographic microscope, optical straighter, level, electronic level, imaging level, frame level, flat plate, flat ruler, wide seat angle ruler, knife edge ruler, linear steel square ruler, angle ruler, caliper, micrometer, indicator, inner diameter gauge, lever gauge, digital display meter, steel tape, steel ruler, feeler gauge, engineering inspection ruler, square box, ring gauge, thread gauge, surface roughness sample block Radius sample plate, thread sample plate, sliding plate type automobile side slip test bench, wheel deviation detector, cable meter, line speed laser diameter measurement. Calibrate the values of length, angle, roughness, flatness, line, end, shape and mutual position

Huadian laboratory instrument testing, engineering equipment calibration, (WorldCom metering various instruments) and equipped with T-slot workbench. T container bags: sn/t1259 inspection procedures for export flexible container bags: periodic lifting test (twice the load, 70 times for limited period, 30 times for limited period, and repeated lifting); Pressure test (4 times load); Automatically complete 70 or 30 cycles of test force test; Hy-841e double wing drop testing machine droptersdroptersfordropting, droptestequipment, inclineimpacttesters this machine is used to simulate the damage of cartons, bags, plastic woven belts and other packaging items when they are dropped or impacted by hard objects during transportation. It can be set to drop the corner comb of the packing box to the ground. Technical parameters allowable test piece * * *: about 1500 or 2000mm allowable test piece * * * area: about 2200 × Maximum weight of 1600mm allowable test piece: About 100kg or specified horsepower: increase 1/3hp, width 1/4hp control system: electric control volume: Main 330 × one hundred and eighty × 5250px。

and upload an emsure you are using? Photo of high purity reagent bottle. Take pictures to demonstrate correctly. Please take pictures of emsure on the reagent package? identification. Wrong posture demonstration, completely unable to see the emsure on the reagent package? Logo, is it to make trouble? Come to "the story with emsure" and "Paige's equipment for going home, pack up and start again! emsure? Product details EM now sure- For demanding or compliant analytical applications. High quality - improve the accuracy of analysis very high purity, up to 70 quality control test parameters, very low limit values. After improving purity, moisture content, evaporation residue, etc., it is very suitable for the analysis with stringent requirements. It is very suitable for the development of new methods to avoid interference or pollution caused by unknown impurities. It complies with ACS, USP, EP ISO and other international standards can be used worldwide. The technical specifications of most products exceed the requirements of international standards. Reliable - the best consistency between batches. Reproducible analysis and test results reduce the cost and expense of analysis and test. There is no need for repetitive experiments and comprehensive analysis documents - worry free foundation? The documents include: MSDS production base, ISO batch specific analysis (COA), reach registration statement, certificate of origin risk statement: such as (1) stretching, tightening, BSE/certification in limited space, etc? The document includes: the monograph RoHS batch analysis of production flow chart testing and comparison of additional tests

this turning point provides us with opportunities. At present, the working frequency band of virtual instrument is in the order of kilohertz, which is too low for interference signal processing. We can adopt the joint and complementary method to form a module series, reduce the cost and improve the efficiency of research and development on the whole. According to the existing foundation, the development of expertise is conducive to overcoming repeated research. (5) New devices, new materials. In the past, the scientific research evaluation system has a tendency to focus on the whole machine and system and ignore the materials and devices. New breakthroughs may occur in new light sources and new high-frequency detectors. At present, the response frequency of the detector is only the 9th power of 10, while the optical frequency is as high as the 14th power of 10. At present, the interferometer actually acts as a mixer to adapt to the shortcomings of the detector (if the response of the detector really exceeds the optical frequency, the interferometer will be useless). If the performance of the detector is significantly improved, it is also a great breakthrough for communication. (6) Research and innovation on metrological characteristics of semiconductor lasers

add relevant content to make the entry more complete and upgrade quickly. Come quickly! Over the years, the discipline has carried out relevant scientific research and technological development around industry development, local economy and western construction, carried out continuous and solid research in fluid machinery and engineering, hydropower development and small hydropower capacity expansion and transformation, clean and renewable energy development, and achieved a large number of scientific research achievements, which have an important impact on academic circles and industries at home and abroad. The research level and scientific research strength are generally advanced in China, Some of them have reached the domestic leading level. This major mainly cultivates senior talents with solid theoretical foundation, strong practical, adaptive and innovative ability, and high moral and cultural quality in the field of energy conversion and utilization and thermal environmental protection, so as to meet the social demand for talents in scientific research, design, teaching, engineering technology, operation and management in the field of energy and power. Students should have broad knowledge of natural sciences, humanities and social sciences. Broad theoretical foundation of heat, mechanics, electricity, machinery, automatic control, system engineering, professional knowledge and practical ability of thermal power engineering


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