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Kestar has passed the identification of key high-tech enterprises in the national torch plan recently, the results of the 2010 National Torch Plan key high-tech enterprise selection by the Ministry of science and technology were officially released, and Shenzhen kestar Technology Co., Ltd., a flagship brand manufacturer in the domestic UPS industry in Chinese Mainland, successfully passed the review, It has become one of the first batch of 19 key high-tech enterprises recognized in Shenzhen after the implementation of the new measures for the administration of key high-tech enterprises in the national Torch Plan in july2010. The national high-tech enterprise has successfully become a key high-tech enterprise in the national torch plan

the identification of key high-tech enterprises in the national torch plan is organized by the Ministry of science and technology. It is a guiding plan for the development of China's high-tech industry, aimed at promoting the commercialization, industrialization and internationalization of high-tech achievements. The evaluation index system comprehensively evaluates the enterprise from the four aspects of the enterprise's innovation ability, industry driving ability, profit-making ability and social contribution. It has strict requirements on the formulation of standards, undertaking national projects, winning awards and industry status, and focuses on the requirements on the enterprise's innovation ability. In addition to requiring the recognized enterprises to have strong research and development capabilities and technological innovation capabilities, it also requires that the technological level of the leading products of the enterprises should be in a leading position in China. At the same time, the sales revenue of the high-tech products of the enterprises should account for at least 60% of the annual sales revenue of the enterprises. As the key high-tech enterprises in the national torch plan have many conditions, high standards and great difficulties, they represent the highest level of high-tech enterprises in China

as a leader in the domestic UPS industry in Chinese Mainland, kestar has always adhered to the independent innovation strategy for many years, taking scientific and technological innovation as the core driving force for enterprise development. Not only is the technical level of its main UPS products at the domestic leading level, it has dozens of national patents, and takes the lead in breaking the monopoly of international manufacturers in high-end high-power core technologies, becoming a leading Chinese enterprise rapidly rising in the global UPS market, Under the trend of global machine room cabinet, on june22,2006, it took the lead in launching the landmark innovative product of the integrated cabinet machine room industry in China, providing a more reliable, scalable and powerful management function integrated and better solution for the construction of the physical infrastructure platform of the user data center machine room, and committed to promoting the industrial development of China's machine room integration market

in the global green energy era, based on the industry-leading R & D strength and the comprehensive advantages of focusing on independent R & D, lean manufacturing and large-scale engineering application of power inverter system for 18 years, KSTAR has launched a full range of high-quality and high-performance solar PV inverter products and system solutions, It will become one of the few power supply enterprises in China's solar PV industry that master a number of core technologies and have fully independent intellectual property rights. It will achieve the first place in the production and marketing of high molecular composite materials for automobiles in China for Xinda, and continuously improve and refresh the overall efficiency of the solar PV inverter system. Kestar, using PVC window frames made of this kind of new reinforced materials with Chinese power supply, can save 15-20% of energy consumption, promote the continuous development of the world's solar photovoltaic industry, and help mankind realize the dream of green energy more perfectly

from Shenzhen high-tech enterprises, Shenzhen enterprise technology center, Shenzhen innovation roadmap plan enterprises, Shenzhen post doctoral innovation practice base, to national high-tech enterprises and key high-tech enterprises of the national torch plan, KSTAR has embarked on a successful path of focusing on core technologies and adhering to independent innovation. The recognition by the Ministry of science and technology as a key high-tech enterprise in the national Torch Program is not only another affirmation and praise from the national level for kestar's long-standing adherence to independent innovation, but also provides a new huge support for the further development and growth of kestar. Kestar will take this opportunity to continue to vigorously promote enterprise independent innovation, strengthen the development of core independent intellectual property rights, improve the transformation capacity of scientific and technological achievements Improve the level of R & D management, promote the development of enterprises to the top of the industrial chain, and further enhance the core competitiveness and sustainable development ability of enterprises

it is reported that the specific details of key high and new technologies in the 2010 national torch plan can be consulted In the selection of technology enterprises, the Shenzhen high-tech enterprise Corps achieved remarkable results. A total of 19 enterprises including Huawei Technology, ZTE, BYD, kestar and Yanxiang smart steel ball wear spot measurement were certified by using the wear spot microscope modified by Jinan Huaxing

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