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Ketianyun and iResearch released the white paper on enterprise collaboration index

in 2014, Cisco and TCL jointly established ketianyun, an Internet company; In 2015, the new ketianyun WebEx was officially put into commercial use; In 2016, the greening of plastic packaging was not only reflected in the product itself. Ketian collaboration hybrid cloud and managed collaboration cloud were officially launched; In 2017, Tianke cloud easy broadcast was released; In 2018, Ketian video cloud will be officially launched; In 2019, Ketian cloud will have more products to meet you

in just a few years, Ketian cloud has 100000 + users in the Chinese market, and occupies an important position in the field of enterprise collaboration, especially in the conference market. The service availability rate exceeds 99.99%. Recently, Ketian cloud and iResearch consulting jointly released the first white paper on China enterprise collaboration index, presenting the changes, current situation and pain points of enterprise collaboration markets in various regions and industries in the report in the form of graphics and text

what is the enterprise collaboration index? Ketian cloud divides the enterprise collaboration index into collaboration cloudization and integration, collaboration product use, collaboration contribution and collaboration effect. Each item is divided into several sub items, totaling 21 indicators

the survey results show that the score of the national enterprise collaboration index is 59.69, which seems not very high. However, it is difficult to directly judge the score because there is only one year's score. At present, it can only be said that domestic enterprises still have a lot of room for development in the field of collaboration. In terms of region, South China is significantly higher than East and North China. By city, Guangzhou and Shenzhen are higher than Shanghai and Beijing. By industry, the difference between industries is not too great. Relatively speaking, the energy manufacturing industry has a slight advantage. The industry is in a mature stage of development, and the internal demand for enterprise services is relatively sustainable

collaborative change cloud acceleration enterprise collaboration will move towards cloud, integration and full membership

enterprise collaboration is not a new concept, but with the acceleration of the digital development process of domestic enterprises, the enterprise has ushered in organizational changes, which also means the change of the enterprise collaboration market

as the cloud service technology becomes more and more mature, the communication and cooperation between enterprises or mature project industries begin to accelerate the cloud, and gradually move towards consumerism, further improving customer awareness. The survey shows that 78.5% of enterprises agree that the enterprise cloud is becoming more and more consumer, and 78.9% of enterprises agree that the collaborative cloud is one of the ideal ways to explore cloud services through informatization. In the context of cloud computing, various communication methods are provided through cloud services. In the future, enterprises will face more challenges and opportunities

secondly, the integration trend of collaborative change is very obvious. Modern enterprises have gradually bid farewell to the shackles of single communication terminal and communication form. Integrated communication and unified communication will become the mainstream of enterprise cooperation

finally, globalization. In the surveyed enterprises, more than 80% of the enterprises covered 50% of the employees in the process of using video conferencing. The use of enterprise collaboration products is no longer the privilege of a few people, but gradually moves towards full membership, which has become a powerful tool to improve the efficiency of all employees within the enterprise

based on the above three changes, the report mentioned the possible future development direction of the enterprise collaboration market: ease of use, scenario, internationalization and integration. Ketian cloud and iResearch believe that this may become the focus of competition in the whole collaboration market in the next few years

insight into collaboration status insight into collaboration products is an indispensable part of enterprise work

the essence of enterprise collaboration is to connect people, people and information. Enterprise collaboration comprehensively uses groupware, tools, Internet and other networks to support the sharing and dissemination of documents and various information among teams and individuals within the enterprise. The common ways of cooperation and communication within enterprises mainly include conference system, Im instant messaging platform, IP soft system and call center system

83.5% and 66.0% of the conference systems can be accessed through PC client, 40.3% can be compatible with terminal equipment of other manufacturers, and only 31.0% can support page web. After a series of improvements, WebEx now has a seamless cloud system, which supports mobile terminals, desktop terminals and large conference rooms, allowing anyone to contact each other at any time and at any place, so that there is no limit to collaboration

56.9% of enterprise call center seats are concentrated within 30; Different enterprises have different business models, different degrees of dependence on the call center, and the number of seats is very scattered

collaboration pain points and demands need to be enhanced. Security concerns restrict the application of collaborative cloud products.

most enterprise collaboration needs are proposed by various departments, and then assessed and implemented by the company as a whole. The whole process takes about one month. The biggest concern for enterprises to choose collaborative cloud is the security of cloud data

for many collaborative products in the market, enterprises believe that many products have functional problems, some functions are redundant and impractical, and some practical functions are missing

connected enterprises are most concerned about product quality, and the conference system of manufacturing enterprises has the highest penetration rate.

through industry research, the manufacturing industry likes to use the conference system most; FMCG retail enterprises prefer popular IM software such as, while it Internet enterprises mostly use enterprise level IM software such as nail

when selecting enterprise collaboration products, various industries also have different demands, but product quality is the most important point for enterprises in all industries, which also reminds the majority of collaboration products that products must be excellent, which is a prerequisite for joining this war

in terms of product service time, enterprises in Beijing hold an average of 10 minutes more meetings than those in Guangzhou and Shenzhen

in the survey, 89.1% of enterprises recognized the efficiency improvement of enterprise collaboration products, 84.9% of customers recognized that collaboration products can create value for core business, and the use of collaboration cloud products can save 23.9% of communication costs on average

this survey clearly presents the current situation of China's enterprise collaboration market to the public for the first time, and also enables users of 206 aluminum alloy window stainless steel sliding support to fully see the past, present and future of the enterprise collaboration market for the first time. On the premise of full investigation of customers, Ketian cloud, starting from the pain point of enterprise cooperation, takes ease of use, scenario, internationalization and integration as an important development direction in the future, polishes products with the heart of craftsman, in order to provide enterprises with a better experience, which may also be the genetic embodiment of Cisco and TCL

if you want to learn more about the index report, you can follow this official account, reply to the report in the dialog box, and we will send you the download address of the report

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