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Hengtong launched a new type of laser fiber that can be used in 3D printing field

at the 2018 Shanghai Optical Expo in Munich recently, Hengtong fiber released a series of high-performance ytterbium doped laser fiber products suitable for laser marking, material processing, medical laser and other fields. Laser optical fiber is the forefront of technology research and development in the field of special optical fiber, which fully reflects the company's technical strength and industry voice

Dr. Chen Wei, chief engineer of Hengtong optical fiber, introduced that different from traditional optical fiber, the double clad ytterbium doped fiber dc-ydf released this time has strong pertinence in application fields and is mainly applicable to laser marking, material processing, medical laser and other fields. At the same time, in terms of performance, ytterbium doped fiber not only transmits light, but also generates and amplifies light. It is an active fiber and active fiber. Traditional optical fiber is a kind of passive optical fiber and passive optical fiber

Chen Wei said that the double cladding should not touch the ytterbium doped laser fiber in the metal shell of the control box. At present, it is the core component of fiber lasers and amplifiers. Its manufacturing technology is difficult, the production process is complex, and the added value of the product is high. It is regarded as the top of the pyramid. It is the heavy deployment of many fiber enterprises. The technology system that many enterprises hope to win has reached a high point. The product adopts the world's advanced rare earth chelate vapor phase doping technology and combines the MCVD rod making technology to realize that the deposition tube can complete all the deposition processes in one step without disassembly. It has the advantages of short rod making time and less process pollution, and is conducive to the uniform dispersion of doped ions

in addition, the rare earth chelate vapor phase doping technology of the product truly realizes in-situ deposition, with simple operation and good repeatability. It can deposit large-size ytterbium doped mandrels, so as to prepare large-size preforms by matching the quartz cladding, which can well ensure the output and batch consistency of optical fibers, so as to manufacture kW class laser optical fibers, and solve the major demand for kW class active optical fibers in China's energy and optoelectronics field. Chen Wei said that the double clad ytterbium doped laser fiber is a global leader in technology and performance

it is reported that fiber lasers can generate and emit lasers, and many industrial fields are inseparable from fiber lasers and their generated lasers: in the civil field, fiber lasers can be used for marking packaging boxes, for example, marking the production date with lasers on mineral water bottles, which has the advantages of being indelible and not easy to scratch; In the industrial field, fiber lasers can be used for steel plate cutting, which can improve the accuracy of industrial production; In the military field, fiber lasers can be used in space confrontation and warfare

according to the analysis, the global fiber laser market will maintain a stable growth. Fiber laser has become a major industrial laser, and the application technology has been expanded to laser marking, cutting, welding, cladding, metal 3D printing, medicine, printing and other fields. It is expected that the CAGR will reach about 12% by 2021, which also gives birth to the domestic and foreign fiber laser enterprises' demand for upstream components The demand for ytterbium doped fiber and other raw materials continues to grow, but for a long time in the past, domestic fiber laser enterprises still rely on imports for ytterbium doped fiber, which is a key raw material

Hengtong attaches great importance to the research and development of new special optical fibers, and has established a new optical fiber engineering technology research center. The shipment volume in 2017 and 2018 is expected to be optimistic. It has the ability to manufacture, wire drawing, testing and technical services for special optical fiber preforms. At present, Hengtong has built ytterbium doped optical fiber, data center optical fiber, sensing optical fiber, ocean optical fiber and other products

Chen Wei said that the double clad ytterbium doped laser fiber and the supporting passive transmission fiber GDF launched this time show that Hengtong has the batch production capacity and customized product development capacity of YDF double clad fiber. In the future, Hengtong will continue to keep up with the pace of the times, seize the favorable opportunities, and spare no effort to build an industrial sector of "fair competition in the market is an important guarantee for economic and efficient operation", so as to accelerate the internationalization of domestic fiber laser technology

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