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Claude: customize the exclusive PLC to reduce the cost

plc special machine customization, which is the first in China, with first-class service, independent property rights and cost reduction

Claude industrial control has mastered the core technology of PLC, has its own team of senior R & D engineers, and has automation engineers with more than 10 years of on-site engineering experience to solve your problems. As long as we put forward your control requirements, we can do it. Regardless of any size requirements, or control signal type requirements or control point requirements

now we can quickly press the stop key to achieve the maximum control system and provide effective support for the comprehensive management of the raw material industry:

40 points for local digital input and 80 points for network expansion

40 points of local digital output and 80 points of network expansion

local analog input 4 points (type voltage, current or PT100 or hot spot couple), network expansion can achieve 20 analog input signals

local analog output 2 points (type voltage V), network expansion can achieve 10 analog output points

it can be said that the system can achieve 4-channel high-speed pulse output and 2-channel high-speed pulse input, and can be connected to 2 encoders

32-bit ARM core processor, supporting super encryption, no cracking

perpetual calendar clock, power down holding register! Dual communication ports

input and output fully isolated circuit protection, super stable

advanced production and processing equipment, strict production management, make you worry free, and easily have the same special PLC controller as the imported PLC

do you hesitate? Get in touch quickly, there will be surprises

successful cases:

1. Packaging machine controller

user requirements: small volume, two sides of polyurethane composite insulation board can be used as fireproof mortar reinforced coiled material surface layer to place it in the original designed control cabinet. It is required to have PT100 thermal resistance signal input, 12 input and 8 output switching values

Claude industrial control has customized its own dedicated controller for the customer according to the above control requirements. The controller has been used for more than 2 years, and the quantity of about 100 sets per month is stable

packaging machine controller

multifunctional conveyor controller

user requirements: 40 point digital input and 40 point digital output, MODBUS communication port can be expanded, and the board size is 160*150mm

Claude industrial control has customized a dedicated PLC for the customer according to the above control requirements. The controller is now running stably and the customer has mass produced

the PCB diagram of the product is as follows:

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