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Leanderbasel will restart po/sm unit of propylene oxide

seeing the rising demand for propylene oxide and its derivatives, leanderbasel announced on August 14 that it will restart po/sm unit in Channelview, Texas next month. Due to the economic downturn and market downturn, the device was forced to shut down in December2008. This material will be available in May

patrickquarles, senior vice president of intermediates and derivatives Department of LyondellBasell, which has been tested for 10million to 40million cycles, said: "the market environment for propylene oxide has improved. We will use our existing capacity to meet the market demand." He added, 'LyondellBasell has three world-class propylene oxide plants in North America and Europe, which gives us enough flexibility in our operations. As the world's leading supplier of propylene oxide and its derivatives, including propylene glycol, we will continue to fulfill our commitment to meet the market demand. At present, the chemical giant with multinational business and joint ventures has a total annual capacity of 4.6 billion pounds of propylene oxide in the factory that automatically completes screening and analysis in the United States, Europe and Asia, including two sets of devices located in Channelview, Texas, Other propylene oxide units are located in Pasadena, the Netherlands, France and Japan

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