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Guogongxin: how are excellent domestic robots refined

how to hang the iron ball and move to another position at high speed without the iron ball swinging

guogongxin chose to use intelligent control technology, adaptive technology and computer technology to develop the world's first and the industry's only anti shake control algorithm with the impact stiffness greater than the dynamic stiffness and static stiffness. The experimental results are very stable. The application of this technology took the lead in making a key breakthrough in the high-end CNC system, surpassing foreign well-known brands and reaching the international leading level

guogongxin robot, initially one of the five platforms in China approved by the Ministry of industry and information technology, established a research and development center in 2014, from high-speed CNC punch to robot, from the most complex six axis robot to today's SCARA robot and collaborative robot. In just a few years, from passing the Cr certification of six joint robot and robot precision detection, it has won a number of domestic and foreign technical evaluation champions, The technical advantages of guogongxin have always been beyond doubt

fast moving "anti jitter technology"

be an "excellent" domestic robot

an academician workstation. As a technology leader, the professor, as well as nearly 30 doctoral and master's graduate teams, the R & D talent team behind guogongxin is strong, and a number of independent intellectual property rights have been born from it

in the three functional components of robot: control system, and, guogongxin has fully independent intellectual property rights. The purpose of guogongxin is localization, that is, to build a real localization robot with all domestic equipment. In fact, such robots are not bad. At the first national robot innovation and entrepreneurship competition in 2016, the Guogong information technology team stood out from 1000 participating teams and won the champion, as well as the international champion on the punch, which proved the superiority of its CNC system

this technology applied to the CNC system of punch press is called "anti jitter technology", which is a difficulty that China has been overcoming. Guogongxin has overcome it in 2016. In contrast, Siemens expects to launch this technology next year. The compliance requirements of leading country 3 products cover raw materials, additives and end products. Therefore, in the most tested stability, safety, accuracy and speed of the robot in actual use, the anti jitter technology and accuracy have been better than KUKA

in addition, the convenient operation of guogongxin robot is another advantage

"too much debugging is troublesome" Professor Wang qinruo took the fool robot as an example, "just like the fool camera, for ordinary people, it is far better than the professional camera."

guogongxin robot can easily realize two-point, three-point, arc and other working paths by cooperating with the drag teaching with a number of invention patents

guogongxin robot shows "drag teaching"

products in the middle and high end, and the price in the middle and low end

Professor Wang qinruo said when analyzing for us that, unlike ordinary manufacturers who choose three RV plus three harmonic reducers on six axis robots, guogongxin adopts four RV reducers with two harmonic reducers, as well as more dexterous drag teaching and far higher precision than the national standard, laying the foundation for the high cost performance of guogongxin

"only if household watt hour meters and gas meters have medium and high-end routes, can they go further and more stably. The price follows the middle and lower level route, and the quality must follow the middle and high end."

at present, in the domestic market, relying on the strategic breakthrough of marketing or inferior robots will soon be eliminated by the market. In addition to differential competition, quality competition is also very important. Sixhundredthousand cannot replace sixmillion. Different positioning, different prices and different market consumption. The market positioning of Guogong Information Technology Co., Ltd. is for medium and high-level applications, and the price is similar to that of domestic robot manufacturers

"as an industrial product, robots generally have a service life of 5 to 10 years. Without quality, the market that can only be seized by low prices cannot be maintained for a long time."

at present, guogongxin products are mainly used in three aspects, one is welding, the other is home appliance assembly, and the third is steel door production line, which has been recognized by these industries, especially in the welding industry. The "quasi firm and stable" welding trajectory of guogongxin robot makes welding the industry with the largest shipment. As a dominant industry in China, the crane in welding application requires higher welding accuracy, After investigating robot manufacturers nationwide, Beijing crane research institute selected guogongxin as the only strategic partner after evaluating the performance and comparing the cost performance of robots

China's welding industry accounts for half of the global market share, and the welding industry is large in scale. For example, the average monthly salary of welding workers is between 10000 yuan and 20000 yuan, but the average monthly salary of robot welding is 1000 yuan

"this is what Premier Li Keqiang said that the project of replacing people with machines should be implemented." Professor Wang qinruo said so

layout flexible manufacturing in advance

guogongxin has always adopted the international general EtherCAT bus, which is compatible with high-performance servo drive; EtherCAT bus reaches 100m, which is more than 10 times faster than other brands; It will also play a greater role in improving production efficiency in the future

at present, most manufacturers only realize the loading and unloading of three robots separately. However, the varieties of loading and unloading are different, and the processing forms are different. The shutdown adjustment may waste an hour. After the connection, there is no wasted time, and the efficiency will be greatly improved. Only by reducing the cost can we improve the quality and reduce the labor intensity, which is the key to the application of robots

for example, in the sheet metal industry, if it is not connected, a single equipment can only produce 1000 sets of products, but 2000 sets can reduce the price. You can only buy the same batch of equipment. If the factory is limited, it cannot be implemented; If the same equipment and plant are connected, flexible manufacturing can be realized. After the equipment is connected, it can be loaded and unloaded by manipulator and classified at the same time. 1000 sets can achieve the quantity of 2000 sets. The most important thing is to improve the production capacity

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