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How long can face app "circle of friends marketing" last

Facebook, which was released at the end of December last year, has been tepid, but recently caused screen brushing in the circle of friends. During the Dragon Boat Festival, the number of downloads reached more than 100 million, and now it has soared to 20 million users, with more than 5 million downloads per day

facemeng's c e o Guo lie said: the core user group that facemeng aims at is thousands of post-90s who, like me, have a life dream like a two-dimensional cartoon, are full of vitality, like to sell cute, stand alone and flock together, and hope to keep themselves at a distance from reality with some symbols. But obviously, in terms of the current communication effect, it is not only the post-80s and post-90s generation that face cute attracts

ye Maozhong, chairman of Ye Maozhong's marketing planning agency, believes that Facebook is a product that emerged after the popularization of social software was basically completed and users had higher requirements for communication and self-expression. In addition, other similar software has completed trial and error and Enlightenment work before, which is a successful attempt to borrow the general trend

the number of users has exceeded 600million by the end of last year, and the number of daily active users has reached 100million. What are 100million people doing every day? Except for a few people who only use subscription numbers as RSS, most of the basic needs are communication and exchange. Nowadays, the main means is nothing more than words + voice, but words and voice are too boring and troublesome. The circle of friends has become a circle of praise. Ye Maozhong believes that the rise of Facebook is closely related to the rapid development of social software in recent years

don't bother. Make it for free. It has a good image. You can get friends' likes after publishing it in the circle of friends. It's contagious one by one. When you open the circle of friends and see that everyone has shared their cartoon images, you are about to download an a PP at the moment. Weijiadong, a brand marketing expert, also believes that the popularity of Facebook is due to the infectious power of the product itself

in addition, Wei Jiadong said that the product not only caught everyone's pain, but also gave everyone excitement. Many people want to have a customized cartoon image, and many people can't realize it because of their lack of painting skills. This a PP that can be DIY is much more interesting. In addition, the usability of the product is very important. The operation of this product is not so difficult. Many people don't need to teach them. They can get started directly. This is the key to making products

according to Zhang Peng, the founder of geek Park, the so-called cartoon and cute images now have a strong acceptance in this society, which is also the reason why face cute can be widely spread. Not everyone's looks are the most perfect photos, but with cute faces, many of the images you share may look beautiful, interesting and interesting, so they meet the needs of popularity and explosion

the fate of face fighting apps

the prototype of face cute is bitstrips, a self-made comic app in Canada. It is understood that through bitstrips, users can create their own cartoon image, choose a cartoon scene for their image, and describe their life through this scene and share it with social friends on Facebook. Statistics show that bitstrips topped the list of appstores in more than 40 countries in the world within two months of its release

it is a general trend for social networking to break away from simple text and voice forms, and the spatial growth of mapping applications is inevitable. For example, we are not so familiar with the social software Lin e, which is the pioneer of mapping. This application has 420million registered users worldwide, and these users send 1.8 billion maps every day, which is an astronomical number. In 2013, it sold digital maps totaling nearly $70million, accounting for 20% of the total revenue of $338million last year. Ye Maozhong told Nandu

in fact, the popularity of face spelling software is no longer new. As one of the face matching applications, the course of facial sprouting is surprisingly similar to that of the magic man camera, which was popular last year. According to public data, at the end of August last year, the application of Momo camera was officially launched, setting multiple mobile Internet industry records, including 3.25 million new users in a single day, 10 million new users on the 4th, and 100 million in seven months. Now the number of users exceeds 150million. From the perspective of products, the operation of magic man and face Meng is relatively simple, but the popularity of magic man quickly fell back after reaching its peak in late October last year, and gradually disappeared in the vision of the circle of friends

Liu Xingliang, an Internet expert, believes that the future development mode of face matching applications should be considered from the depth and breadth of use to increase user stickiness. The reason why it is popular is that it is fresh and caters to the pursuit of young people now, so it can accumulate a large explosion in a short time. At present, such an application profit model is very unclear. He should consider how to do a good job in his user experience, grasp users, and make users more like it and use it frequently

a pig standing on the tuyere

many people commented that we were lucky and won the lottery, saying that we won't be angry for long. These people just saw our popularity, but they didn't calmly study our products. Our team's pursuit of details, how we can make a cold app more emotional, interesting and loving. You know, fun is that our pursuit of free spraying materials solves the shortcomings and feelings of traditional plastics. Guo lie said in response to the media

this kind of dog shit hit product has been common in the past two years. You draw me guess, crazy guess, flappybird, etc. they all have a common feature: simple playing method (even rough), popular in a short time, and falling rapidly. Wen Xinxin, general manager of Daguang (Guangzhou) Advertising Co., Ltd., believes that there are no more than several ways to realize the flow of these apps, such as embedding advertising, cooperating with brand links, extending industry expansion, and draining e-commerce! Probably come and go in several forms! So it's not easy to make apps now. It's all over after a gust of wind

ye Maozhong said that it is still a little early to talk about whether the success of Mianmeng is due to its excellent quality or another pile of shit. But one thing is certain. If we can't solve the problem of product stickiness and add enough binding social functions, just relying on an old-fashioned combination of facial features, hanging up is just the difference between today and tomorrow

the domestic storage volume is about 36.6 million tons; The output of white cardboard is 14.05 million tons. According to Guo lie's plan, what meimeng needs to do is to take the avatar as the starting point, without advertising, and achieve tens of millions of users; Then expand to comics, which is a persistent and high-frequency demand in social media; In the future, meimeng will be made into a tool similar to Meitu XiuXiu, but it will not provide physical photos

at least, Facebook has its own advantages: it will try to solve this problem. From Guo lie's interview, there is a passage that is worth pondering: from our data, now users are not only allowed to spell their own avatars, but more importantly, many people spell their friends' avatars and send them to friends. Many people may think they are handsome, but what their friends spell out in their eyes is an obscene man, which brings social elements to the original ordinary avatars, Integrate into the relationship chain, and we can interact and share happiness together. Fengdanyu, deputy director of the equipment development department of the Central Military Commission

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