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How paper is made

release date: Source: China paper industry

everyone knows that China has four major inventions, one of which is papermaking. So how is paper 2 What about the LCD controller? Now let's invite China paper industry to explain to you

the production of printing paper is divided into two basic processes: pulping and papermaking

1. Pulping, as the name suggests, is to make pulp by chopping, grinding, soaking, cooking and other methods, such as some pieces of wood and wheat straw

second, in the process of papermaking, bleach, rubber and other auxiliary materials need to be added to the pulp, a series of screening, and then after some pressing and dehydration, dryer drying, cutting to produce paper

papermaking needs trees. In order to promote the protection of forests, we humans invented papermaking again. It is to use waste newspaper to make pulp, and then make new paper. The thermal deformation temperature is 200 ℃. I do papermaking at home in this way: first tear up the newspaper → shred the newspaper with water → beat it into pulp → put it in a water pan → press dry

the above is the explanation of China paper industry to you. Everyone can understand it. If there is anything else to think about, how to identify and calculate the specific yield strength? For the solution, please consult the number issued by the station

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