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How is the industrial computer refined?

industrial computer, also known as IPC (industrial personal computer), as the name suggests, means industrial PC. As one of the future development directions of the PC industry, although the commercial PC market has declined significantly, the industrial computer has shown its strong vitality as always, and the industry scale is developing at a high speed with an annual growth rate of 40%

after 20 years of development, industrial computers have far exceeded the field of traditional industrial control, and exist in all walks of life and industries in various forms. Therefore, some people also call industrial computers "industrial computers". Taking the products based on Weisheng embedded system as an example, industrial computers are widely used in modern agriculture, industry, animal husbandry, so as to realize the overall control of the mechanical properties of materials, as well as emerging communication, networking, finance, intelligent household appliances. In addition, they have strong adhesion with paper, metal, wood, cement board, brick wall plastic board, asphalt felt and other industries, such as medical treatment, transportation and so on

as an extension of traditional PC, the basic architecture of industrial PC also continues the characteristics of traditional PC. the core part is still composed of motherboard, CPU and other core components, but because the application requirements are more flexible, industrial PC has higher requirements for the flexibility and stability of the motherboard and CPU. The embedded products of via electronics are specially designed for embedded system applications such as industrial computers

the figure shows that the industrial control computer developed with EPIA

is the core component of the industrial control computer. The EPIA series embedded motherboard and C3, Eden series processors of via are all designed based on the core x86 architecture of traditional PC. therefore, in the later application of different products, the industrial control computer based on via products can easily apply the rich software and hardware resources of traditional PC to achieve system functions

in terms of flexibility, via's EPIA series embedded motherboard strives to be miniaturized on the basis of the traditional X86 platform, and has formed a unique miniaturized motherboard architecture such as mini itx and Naro itx, and even developed a "Luke" miniature motherboard that is only the size of a CD box. Thanks to the advantages of small elastic modulus and miniaturization, via's EPIA embedded motherboard can be flexibly and conveniently applied in industrial computer chassis of various sizes

in terms of stability, Weisheng's embedded products still have unique advantages. The C3 and Eden processors of via started with ultra-low power consumption at the beginning of their launch. In particular, the Eden processor can still work normally only by relying on the heat sink when it reaches the dominant frequency of more than 1G, which is unmatched by similar products. Low power consumption brings ultra-low heating, so it avoids the instability of the system caused by the thermal effect caused by long-term continuous use, and also avoids the system ash deposition problem caused by the cooling fan. This is very beneficial for industrial computers that need to be used in harsh environments

because of the above advantages, Weisheng's series of embedded products will become the most powerful booster to promote the further development of industrial computer products

about vepd (via embedded platform Division), founded in October 2003, it is a combination of the former vepd electronic platform division, central processing unit department, embedded R & D department and other institutions. In view of the increasing demand of the global IA and embedded market, it is established under the requirements of combining resources to provide customers with complete and fast services, In addition to the advanced technology leading the market and the product development strength mastering the market demand, vepd has complete resources of sales and service networks all over the world

via electric will make ofo bike users around the world have a more pleasant riding experience. It is one of the few providers in the world who can provide complete solutions for chips, processors, motherboards and drivers required by IA and embedded system manufacturers. Through rapid technology integration, we can effectively shorten the time of product development for you and have the advantage of faster time to market, And via the highly integrated EPIA Series platform developed by Weisheng electronics, it will bring more economic benefits to customers

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