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How to "refine" the UAV light show

on the evening of February 19, a cool UAV light show was staged in Haikou. The themes of this UAV light show are "stars shining in Haikou", "reunion of Lantern Festival people in Coconut City", "flowers blooming and rich pelicans flying", "Haikou lights up to welcome guests from all over the world", etc., to present a wonderful visual feast for Haikou citizens and tourists and send beautiful warm wishes for the Lantern Festival. So, according to our calculation of filling the waste paper gap, how did this cool UAV light show come about? Wang Yajun, the commercial director of Yihang egret media technology group, an executive flying company, was interviewed

□ Wu Zhuhao of our newspaper

-- how did the unmanned aircrew transform various dance steps

"we use two computers to control 800 UAVs." Wang Yajun said that the timing of each dance step of the UAV formation is calculated in milliseconds. After repeated motion simulation, each time node is accurately grasped. Array transformation, light change and flight rhythm are closely linked throughout the whole process, presenting wonderful visual feelings to citizens and tourists in a limited time

-- will there be a risk of collision when 800 UAVs lift off at the same time

"this will hardly happen, because we use the current domestic advanced differential positioning (RTK) technology." Wang Yajun introduced that this technology is very accurate. The horizontal error can be accurate to 2 cm, and the vertical (height) error can be accurate to 1 cm. Each UAV has an independent IP, and the dance steps and flight routes will be set by computer programming in advance. In other words, the technical level of each UAV still lags behind that of some developed countries, which have their own dance steps and flight routes and do not interfere with each other, so generally there will be no collision

-- how to ensure the viewing effect of citizens and tourists

"work hard visually." Wang Yajun said that 800 unmanned aerial vehicles dance together in the high air, which is a large scale. In order to ensure the visual effect, each unmanned aerial vehicle maintains a distance of about 1 meter. The height difference between the highest unmanned aerial vehicle and the lowest unmanned aerial vehicle is about 130 meters, and the direction facing the Wanlvyuan is inclined to 60 degrees, trying to match the line of sight of citizens and tourists to show the dance of unmanned aerial vehicles

UAV "show" cloud blessing Haikou

on February 19, the UAV flight performance in Haikou Bay attracted many citizens and tourists. Li Tianping of our newspaper photographed the small and exquisite UAV emitting colorful light

photographed by Wu Zhuhao of this newspaper, on February 19, the UAV flight performance in Haikou Bay showed the shape of lanterns to celebrate the Lantern Festival. According to Li Tianping, 800 unmanned aerial vehicles are waiting to take off at the music square of Century Park. Photographed by Wu Zhuhao of our newspaper

"I ♥ Haikou "... On the night of the Lantern Festival on February 19, 800 unmanned aerial vehicles danced over Haikou Century Park, transforming Haikou elements into dazzling pictures, stretching in the night sky. "The UAV shows love in the air in Haikou, which is full of creativity. This year's Lantern Festival is really unforgettable." The wonderful performance deeply attracted citizens chenhuimin

this year's Lantern Festival, in addition to the traditional flower changing Festival, wishing and blessing, thousand lights shining on the spring, horse mounted parade, lion making spring, qiongju Spring Festival, calligraphy and painting Spring Festival, lantern riddle Spring Festival and other activities, Haikou specially invited the UAV formation performance team from Guangdong, Jinan has been in line with the "take-off of new Haikou" for more than 10 years "Based on innovation as the theme, present a visual feast and holiday greetings to citizens and tourists that integrates AI technology, modern art and Haikou culture.

UAVs staged an environmental protection light show

this time, the UAV light show was performed in Haikou Century Park, and 800 UAVs were lined up neatly and orderly to wait for take-off. Just after 8 p.m., enthusiastic citizens and tourists had already come to the best viewing spots, Wanlvyuan, Haikou Bay and huakou Waiting near caihuayi Hotel, looking forward to the "curtain of heaven" of the Lantern Festival

at 8:30 p.m. on February 19, with the LED lights on the UAV fuselage lighting up again and again, 800 UAVs slowly took off under the unified control of a set of cloud system, interwoven with the bright night lights of Haikou on the sky, flashing like colorful and bright sky lights, presenting the most romantic spectacle of "stars and moon competing for brilliance"

the drones that are as bright as stars are flying and recombined, with stars dotted, dark night blue and charming gold contrast, morning glow red and dream purple reflect each other, "I ♥ Haikou's English and coconut tree patterns were the first to show their love to Haikou on the starry sky

"I really like such a creative performance. I think the drone light show is better and cooler than the fireworks show." With the expansion of the field, citizen Chen Long photographed the "dancing posture" of the UAV group. He has come to Wanlvyuan for the Lantern Festival for six consecutive years. This year is a very amazing year for him. Not only are the lanterns rich in style, but also the modern scientific and technological beauty of the UAV has filled his eyes

"there used to be a lantern festival, when fireworks were set off over Wanlv garden. Although it was also beautiful, it not only polluted the air, but also contaminated with soot." Chen Long said that this UAV show was both environmentally friendly and shocking. He really watched the "sky lantern" once

Haikou's good ecology and beautiful clouds

"Mom, what's that flower? And what's the name of the bird?" On the evening of February 19, Li Xiaohan's children clapped their hands with joy at the UAV dancing in the sky. "That's a pelican. In January this year, seven white pelicans came to Haikou as guests and lived in a fish pond in meirenpo village, Longquan town. That flower is a water vegetable flower, which only exists in Haikou in China. It is a national second-class endangered aquatic plant." Li Xiaohan's mother said, "last March, my friends and I also went to see the water spinach flowers, white petals, light yellow stamens, floating in clusters on the clear bottom of the stream, looking in the distance, like the Milky Way dotted with stars. This year, my mother will take you to see it?" "Well, I have a lot of photos to take." Li Xiaohan jumped up with joy

at this time, over Haikou, 800 unmanned aerial vehicles changed their dancing postures. Hainan map was decorated with lanterns and decorations, together with Haikou arcade old street full of festive and peaceful atmosphere, leaping into the sky. Recently, the auspicious bird Pelican that reappeared in Haikou also joined hands with shuicaihua to send blessings to the citizens

"we were very moved after we learned about Haikou's efforts in ecological construction, so we paid special attention to the design of the theme chapter that reflects the ecological beauty of Haikou, and finally used pelicans and cauliflower with high requirements for the living environment to describe the beauty of the ecological environment of Haikou." Wang Yajun, commercial director of Yihang egret media technology group, said that she learned that seven pelicans settled in meirenpo village and were protected by the villagers as treasures, indicating that the villagers' awareness of protecting the ecological environment has increased. "To love white pelicans is actually to love their homes"

night scene lighting shows ecological civilization

drone performance climax after another, rotating citizen tourist center, colorful fireworks effect and three-dimensional lanterns and other patterns took turns, and the festive atmosphere of Lantern Festival soared to the sky. The onlookers took photos and cheered

"it's so good-looking. It's like broadcasting cartoons in the sky. I really want to watch it again." The 10 minute performance left Wen Junlong with more than enough meaning. Fortunately, he can continue to enjoy the light show of the high-rise building on Binhai Avenue. The composition "unforgettable night" left by the teacher has a theme to write. Looking at Binhai Avenue from the lake in Wanlv Park, the light and shadow of the facade of the building group are reflected on the lake, forming a dynamic watercolor painting, attracting citizens and tourists to stop and watch and take photos

According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Administration Bureau, in recent years, Haikou has built the gateway to and from the island, main trunk roads and important areas of Haikou Bay into a nighttime urban landscape boutique in accordance with the goal of "modern, ecological, livable, cultural and economic". Binhai Avenue is a comprehensive urban trunk road integrating transportation, life and tourism functions. The architectural features along the line show the new achievements of urban construction and become an important window to show the urban style of Haikou. According to the architectural characteristics of the two groups of the whole scene, combined with the adjustment of the architectural structure, the lighting design creates a long scroll of coastal dynamic night scenery through the arrangement of LED point lights, shapes different theme scenes with changes and rhythmic sense, and focuses on the new changes and achievements of Haikou. Through the intelligent control system, the night scene lighting shows a dynamic scroll on the building facade. The beautiful scenery of blue sea and blue sky, the colorful Haikou and "green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains" explain the ecological civilization of Haikou

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