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Baijiu brand: how long can the packaging "hold" (II)

Baijiu sells added value, especially high-end Baijiu as a luxury consumer goods. Cultural wine is only played by "literature, history and philosophy". Shuijingfang is a thorough "historical wine", but Shuijingfang is by no means a poem named "culture" without knowing which corner was dug up. A heartfelt statement "calling for peace and making civilization sustainable" is enough to shock the hearts of any cultural person to make the upper platen contact the surface of the sample. Shuijingfang is higher than Wuliangye and Maotai, which is natural and natural. "Shede" is a successful example of philosophy wine. Although the great wisdom presented between shede is not comprehensive in the specific market operation, it seems to be a thorough understanding by infiltrating the high-altitude philosophy into the wine cup and extracting the word "shede" to make the finishing point. It is really not out of the right. Both of them have the most intuitive appearance since they were listed - they have not changed their packaging. Because the packaging is based on their cultural core and brand foresight, and there is no need to change because of popularity. Popularity is the consequence of fast-food culture. Baijiu has long been divided into the sunset industry. This elderly man who is now rare does not know when he can no longer dance hip-hop, dress up and play cool, and attract attention

if 3-5% of the brand packaging of sugar and wine in the past focused on the combination of packaging and culture, then 10-15% of the brands at this year's Chengdu sugar and Wine Fair have changed. The increase of this number is another gratifying phenomenon. Although there are some differences and discounts in the combination of culture and too many deficiencies in the extension of culture, it shows that there is a trend in the recognition of brand culture in the industry

Baijiu Enterprises: forging quality and integrated marketing are the key

from bottle labels to white cards and gold cards, to handmade boxes of cardboard, wood boards and PVC, and then to metals, bronze medals and plexiglass that play to the top. Due to the limitations of cost and color used in industry regulations, the path of packaging pattern change is gradually narrowing. Last year's feeling was very little. This year, many bosses consulted about marketing planning and sent an increasingly strong message. The days when a package came to the world have passed

Maotai and Wuliangye established two historically sold brands with bold price increases in the 1990s, which directly reflected that high price = high grade, which is still effective; Drunkards can carry the banner of the so-called "cultural wine" and rise in Western Hunan with sacks, humorous names and the promotion of a literati; Little muddle headed fairy brushed the edge of Maotai Town and imitated P & G's terminal interception, leading to the decisive terminal, which is lively to this day; After Jinliufu borrowed his fame, he quickly climbed to the fourth place by holding the network channel. These beautiful myths will no longer reappear. Price, culture, terminals, channels, just grasp one point of marketing, that is, the days of success have become a thing of the past

I'm not sure whether the cultural identity can reach as much as 30% next year, but one thing is certain. The show of ideas is out of date, waiting for the beginning of integrated marketing. In China, Jinan experimental machinery factory provides a full set of professional engineering and technical services. At present, integrated marketing can only be called combination marketing, or integrated change, as if it were the primary stage of marketing due to hydrolysis and chemical change. After all, a good beginning is half the success. Only when there are more shorties can we choose a real general. No, the joint development of the laboratory and the beverage company grape wine · libina · 3 Deli is an unrestrained expectation to improve the problems of the industry, and it is not a good thing to reach a height that ordinary people can't reach

however, we have obtained the most rare development opportunity for more than 300 years since Kangxi. The development of the industry and the rise of China need time. It still ends with "a long way to go", which inevitably leads to an impassioned feeling. The spirit of "foolish old man moving mountains" is good, but sometimes it is useless to do something? Competition inevitably leads to others' runs. Some people are shouting and our compatriots are jumping. How much time can we waste

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