The current situation of ink industry development

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The development status of China's ink industry I. the status quo of foreign ink industry nowadays, the ink industry in the world is developed in the United States, Japan and Germany, Britain, France, Italy and other countries in Western Europe. According to incomplete statistics, the total world ink output is 2.6 million tons

II. Current situation of China's ink industry

1. Current situation of industry structure

in recent years, in order to adapt to the rapid development of packaging, publishing and printing industry at home and abroad, the production and development of China's ink industry has been accelerating day by day. So far, there are nearly 400 manufacturers, distributed in more than 20 provinces, autonomous regions and cities except Qinghai and Tibet, with about 25000 employees

since the reform and development, on the basis of the original national industry, China's ink industry has introduced foreign capital, and enterprises cooperating with foreign advanced countries in the basic information ink industry of horizontal tension testing machine have been emerging and developed. So far, there have been joint-venture ink enterprises in Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Tianjin, Taiyuan, Shunde, etc. at the same time, there have been many large and small township enterprises and individual ink factories in China. China's ink industry has a certain scale. In 1997, the national ink output was about 143000 tons, of which the output of joint ventures accounted for about 70%, occupying a leading position in China's ink industry; The state-owned ink enterprises rely on scientific and technological progress to continuously develop marketable new products, so that their products can continuously meet the needs of the market, adapt to the market demand, continuously develop and produce a single special ink product, and occupy a certain market

2. Product status

in order to meet the needs of packaging, publishing and printing, China relies on scientific and technological progress to continuously develop new ink products and update old products. Today, the main products are sheet fed offset bright and fast drying ink, web offset ink, gravure ink, flexible low efficiency ink, silk ink, iron printing ink, UV curing ink, water-based ink, gold, silver ink, jet printing ink and other special ink products and corresponding auxiliary products. The above ink products not only develop more and more varieties, but also have higher and higher ink quality standardization. There are three main reasons:

rely on scientific and technological progress, technology is market-oriented, and pay attention to the collection of information. Starting with the continuous development of marketable new products, the product structure is adjusted, and the product quality level is continuously standardized

a. the color standard of ink products is close to the American Pantone standard. A small number of domestic enterprises have officially obtained the franchise of the American Pantone ink color standard

b. a few domestic enterprises have certified ISO-9000 series international standards

continuously strengthen and expand the sales force, pay attention to the quality training and improvement of market-oriented sales personnel, especially in the after-sales technical service. This is a very important measure

the improvement of management level, ink production equipment and process technology, and the strict control from management to process technology, especially the introduction of advanced production equipment. Major domestic ink manufacturers have introduced internationally advanced production lines such as bead mill, inclined three roll inking mill and filtration equipment produced by Buhler company of Switzerland, and adopted foreign advanced technology, which has greatly improved the product quality level and production efficiency, and met the needs of publishing and packaging printing markets at home and abroad. China's ink output is increasing, and the product quality is improving

III. future ink market demand

according to the above analysis of the ink industry and current situation at home and abroad, Chinese ink manufacturers should constantly communicate information, understand the market, develop competitive products, and research and develop marketable new products to meet the requirements of the printing market at home and abroad

the following is a brief description of the demand for various ink products in the domestic market

1. The former needs to use coarser abrasives to ensure that the polishing process has a larger polishing rate ink: in the future, the market demand will increase steadily, but the range will not be too large. It will increase at a rate of 5%~6%, maintaining a proportion of 40%~45%, of which the growth rate of rotary offset ink will be faster

2. Relief ink: the total proportion of patients with 90% will decrease compared with the preoperative improvement, but the proportion of flexographic ink will continue to rise, which is similar to the development of the United States, Japan and other developed countries

3. Gravure ink: the overall situation is in a stable state, but the plastic ink inside and surface printing are on the rise, especially the water-based ink

4. Hole printing ink: the market sales volume tends to rise, mainly due to the increase in the use of metal, glass and plastic wire printing ink. Moreover, the silk printing equipment has broken the backward situation of the original manual printing machine, and some regions have begun to introduce foreign advanced silk printing equipment, so that the consumption of silk ink continues to increase. Domestic manufacturers of silk ink are also increasing

5. Special and special inks: the general trend is that the usage is increasing day by day. For example, spray printing ink, anti-counterfeiting ink, pearlescent ink, label ink, fluorescent ink and phosphorescent ink are all increasing with the market demand

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