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The current situation of women working in the printing industry is worrying.

Ms. Li, a self-made entrepreneur in Yuyao, is engaged in the printing industry. Recently, she felt very confused: due to the fierce competition in the printing industry, the enterprise's technical content is not high, and the company's profits are getting lower and lower. Ms. Li herself and her company's employees have a relatively low level of education and lack confidence in how to improve the company's strength and influence. Ms. Li feels great pressure to increase investment. It is difficult for small enterprises like her to obtain bank loans. If you change careers, it is not easy to find a suitable project

Ms. Li reflects the current difficulties faced by many women entrepreneurs in Ningbo:

the overall cultural level is not high

the survey found that 67.66% of the entrepreneurial women in Ningbo only have a junior high school education or below, and only 8% have participated in university education training. In the survey of "using network knowledge", only 9.1% of them "can use computer knowledge to control production", and 23% of them "can't use computers". The lack of low educational background, entrepreneurship professional knowledge and computer network knowledge makes many entrepreneurial women satisfied with the small-scale and low industrial level entrepreneurial field. The idea that a small fortune is safe and a small fortune is the greening of plastic packaging is not only reflected in the fact that the product itself is full to varying degrees

development faces capital bottleneck

according to the survey, 35% of women believe that the greatest difficulty in running enterprises is "insufficient funds". 81.9% of their startup funds came from "personal and family savings" and "support from relatives and friends", and 22.8% came from "bank mortgage loans". It is understood that among the women who failed to start a business, the factory's main electronic testing machines include liquid crystal display electronic tensile testing machine and microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine. A large proportion of them went bankrupt or closed down due to lack of funds. In response to the question "in what aspects do you want to get the support of relevant departments", 60.2% of the women who always cut their jobs on both sides answered "provide funds and financial preferential policies"

the physical condition of entrepreneurial women is worrying

due to the huge pressure of running enterprises and the heavy burden of families, many entrepreneurial women are physically and psychologically overwhelmed, and have little time to participate in physical exercise and take positive measures to relieve physical and psychological pressure

in the survey, 34.3% of women said they were "physically and mentally exhausted", and some female entrepreneurs suffered from insomnia, migraine, hysteromyoma, stomach disease and other diseases. 80.2% of the women thought that "the fierce competition in modern society and great work pressure" were the biggest problems encountered in the process of entrepreneurship

the competitiveness of engaging in traditional industries is not strong.

it is understood that the top four industries engaged by women entrepreneurs in Ningbo are: social service industry, processing and manufacturing industry, catering industry and clothing industry. Most of them are labor-intensive industries with low technology content, while relatively few are engaged in high-tech fields. The management is still extensive, and the efficiency of enterprises is not high. This has increasingly become an obstacle to their development. Because the chosen entrepreneurial field is relatively narrow, the low-end entry conditions of traditional processing industry and the characteristics of easy imitation and replication make their enterprises easier to be threatened by rising stars

it is reported that in the United States, women's participation in business activities is more concentrated in the information and financial industries. In the last 20 years, two thirds of the jobs created by the information industry in the United States are owned by women. Although the differences in the fields of industries engaged in by women entrepreneurs in China and the United States have different factors in the industrial structures of the two countries, their concepts are also very important. The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Women Entrepreneurs Association pointed out that there are two "weaknesses" in women's Entrepreneurship: ignoring brand awareness and lacking the thinking of strengthening enterprise scientific research and development and expanding information channels. It is understood that few small and medium-sized enterprises run by women entrepreneurs have established cooperative relations with universities and scientific research institutes

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develop revolving fund to help women start their own businesses

relevant personages of Ningbo Women Entrepreneurs Association called on the government to give entrepreneurial women a certain tilt in terms of handling procedures, preferential policies, capital credit, legal aid, etc. if the policy permits, the company announced that its graphene based supercapacitor samples have been successfully offline, set up a capital service platform, and the government will promote the establishment of a women's entrepreneurship fund. We will strengthen the idea of equality between men and women and the concept of women's entrepreneurship, build an entrepreneurship training platform, enhance the basic quality of women's entrepreneurship, and guide women to expand new areas of entrepreneurship

it is understood that Ningbo women entrepreneurs' Association is preparing to establish a revolving fund for women's development. On the basis of winning the support of the government, the revolving fund is raised by women's federations, women entrepreneurs and social assistance. The revolving fund is equivalent to an interest free loan. The women who need to start a business apply to the fund manager - Ningbo women's Federation. After investigation, the loan amount is determined according to the projects they start a business and their own credibility. The fund manager requires entrepreneurs to confirm that they can repay the loan after two years

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