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As we all know, corrugated box production is closely related to a country's economic growth. The growth rate of carton production and demand is one of the early indicators of a country's economy. In the simplest way, the faster the economy develops and the more things are produced, the more packaging boxes are needed. Corrugated box packaging accounts for a large proportion in the packaging field. The economy of Chinese Mainland has maintained rapid growth in recent years and is expected to maintain this momentum in the next three years. Due to the strengthening of environmental protection awareness, the recyclability of corrugated boxes will promote their market share to continue to rise steadily. This trend is expected to last for at least three years. China's carton sales are growing at a rapid rate, which is in sharp contrast to the shrinking output in Asia and even the rest of the world. In Asia, South Korea, Singapore and other places showed negative growth. In 1996, the corrugated board output of a recognized country for processors who showed the best manufacturing practices and designed and produced in accordance with the recommendations in our design and processing guidelines was about 8billion square meters, only half of the sales in Japan. However, in 2002, the corrugated board output of China had increased to 14.8 billion square meters, It has surpassed Japan to become the world's second largest corrugated box producer after the United States

in the world, the output of corrugated board in Asia has increased the fastest. Since 1995, attention has been paid to the recycling and harmless treatment of some toxic solvents that must be taken, replacing Europe as the second largest production area in the world, second only to North America. From 1995 to 2002, the average annual growth rate of corrugated box production in Asia was 3.9%, 1.5 percentage points higher than the world average growth rate. It is estimated that in 2003, the output of corrugated board in Asia reached 43billion square meters, surpassing the 42.5 billion square meters in North America, leaping to the top of all continents. China will play the most important role in the corrugated box industry in Asia. The proportion of its corrugated box output to the world's total output continues to rise, and the development space is extremely huge

as the largest and most influential professional corrugated box event in Asia, "2007 China International Corrugated Exhibition" will play an increasingly important role in the rapidly developing Asian and Chinese carton market

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