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According to the latest survey report released by Forrester Research, enterprises are very optimistic about radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, which makes the RFID Middleware Market extremely popular and will become an emerging market for enterprises to compete with each other

the report points out that due to the support of large enterprises such as Wal Mart for RFID, the RFID Middleware Market has become extremely hot. Because for RFID technology, the middleware market is a long-term solution, which enables enterprises to make full use of the technical advantages of RFID

this time, the respondents of Forrester Research mainly include connecterra, globeranger, IBM, Manhattan Associates, Microsoft, oatsystems, Oracle, RF code, sap, Savi technology, sun, Tibco software and webmethods. The survey found that the current RFID Middleware Market is not mature, especially the lack of deep-seated functions

sharyn leaver, vice president of Forrester Research, said, "in the long run, the above RFID suppliers need to further integrate the information they have collected, so as to improve their current business processes. This process requires the support of Middleware Tools."

according to the results of this survey, Manhattan Associates, oatsystems and SAP are the most prominent in this field, and their RFID middleware functions are relatively balanced. From a long-term perspective, SAP's RFID middleware deployment is the most reasonable and has the most development potential

in addition to the above RFID pioneers, Forrester Research believes that Microsoft, IBM and Oracle will eventually become the rulers of the RFID market. In the long run, Manhattan associ will be able to survive the attack of Microsoft, Oracle and other enterprises by making corresponding deformation (such as concave convex disk) ates and oatsystem

in addition to the Middleware Market derived from RFID technology, which meets the requirements of gb/t14514.1 ⑵ 013, the RFID service market will also become increasingly hot and mature. According to the survey data released by abiresearch last week, RFID deployment has entered the third stage, which will be accompanied by the rapid growth of RFID consulting services

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