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Pilot application of RFID in the automatic fare collection system of the capital airport line of rail transit

I. pilot project - Introduction to the AFC system of the capital airport line

the automatic fare collection system (AFC) of the capital airport, constructed by the Chinese software company and managed by Beijing Rail Transit Construction Management Co., Ltd., has fully applied RFID technology, has been put into operation on July 19, 2008, and has undertaken important transportation tasks during the Olympic Games, In the past four months of operation, it has transported more than 3 million passengers, and the ticket revenue is 70million yuan, which has created good social and economic benefits. Among them, the successful application of RFID technology in the management and circulation of system ticket boxes, cash boxes, components, etc. has laid a solid foundation for the wider application of RFID technology in the rail transit industry in the future

II. Introduction to users and implementers of pilot projects

2.1 introduction to users of pilot projects

Beijing Rail Transit Construction Management Co., Ltd. is a wholly state-owned company funded by the municipal SASAC and approved by the municipal Party committee and the municipal government. According to the responsibilities entrusted by the municipal government and the relevant contracts signed with the owner, the company mainly undertakes the construction management of new rail transit lines, and organizes preliminary design, construction design, and procurement bidding; Organize the implementation of civil structure, building decoration, equipment installation works and corresponding municipal supporting works of new rail transit lines; Organize the management of the whole process of system design, commissioning, opening, acceptance, and delivery and operation of new rail transit lines

in recent years, the company has successively completed the construction of Metro Line 13, Batong line, line 5, line 10, Olympic branch line and airport line, and now the operating mileage of Beijing rail transit has reached 200 kilometers. At present, the company is responsible for the construction and management of many new lines, such as Metro Line 4, line 6 phase I, line 7, line 8 phase II, line 9, line 10 phase II, line 14, Daxing line, Yizhuang line, etc

2.2 introduction to the implementer of the pilot project

the pilot enterprise China software and technical services Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China software, China software, stock code: 600536sh), is a large state-owned high-tech listed software enterprise and a key software enterprise in the national planning layout

the registered capital of the company is 161million yuan, and the total assets are 2.44 billion yuan. The company is located in Beijing Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park, covering an area of 384 mu, with a working and supporting environment of nearly 110000 square meters. It has more than 30 holding and participating companies and branches, including ChinaSoft International (hk8216) and bid winning software

the company has more than 7000 employees. China software is one of the three software bases approved by the former State Planning Commission. Its performance meets the relevant standards of the northern software base, the China Software Park in the Beijing software industry base of the national torch plan, the National 863 achievement industrialization base, and the national key software enterprise. It has passed the "double high certification" organized by the Ministry of science and technology and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, In addition, it has passed the national "software enterprise" certification, the national first-class computer information system integration qualification certification and the computer information system integration qualification certification involving state secrets in the first batch, passed the ISO9001 quality system certification and CMM3, CMMI5 evaluation, and the bank credit rating is AAA

in the field of rail transit, the company has established a professional organization for rail transit, under which there are Rail Transit Communication Division and AFC division, which are specialized in the research of rail transit solutions. The rail transit industry is listed as a key development strategy

with the rapid construction of national rail transit, the AFC business revenue of China soft reached 120million yuan in 2008, and the contract amount reached nearly 400million yuan in 2009, and this figure will grow at a faster rate in the next few years

1.3 the company's situation in the field of RFID

in 2006, the company joined the China RFID industry alliance and became the vice chairman unit of the alliance, giving full play to the industry advantages of China soft in the field of rail transit. We focus on the application innovation of RFID in the field of rail transit. For this reason, the company has applied to the national gold card office and the China RFID Alliance for the capital airport subway line as the application pilot of RFID technology in the field of rail transit at the end of 2006, The application was approved by the national gold card office and China RFID alliance

the pilot implementation is divided into two stages: the first stage is the basic application of RFID technology in the subway AFC system, that is, introducing RFID into AFC equipment, system, management and operation to realize a typical application of RFID technology in the AFC system. The first phase of work has been basically completed with the opening of Beijing Metro capital airport line on July 19 this year

the second stage is mainly based on the innovative application of RFID technology. The goal of this stage is to combine the electronic wallet application of SIM card with the application of one card stored value ticket in AFC system through RFID technology to form an electronic ticket system with more high-tech content that is more convenient for passengers

after the pilot project was launched, CEC and the national gold card office paid great attention to it, formulated the basic strategies of localization and localization, and gave strong support from experts, technical support and other aspects. In the process of project implementation, we adhered to the requirements of the state and the government, and strictly implemented it, so as to ensure that all research results have independent intellectual property rights, and these research results with independent intellectual property rights, In the AFC system project of Beijing Metro capital airport line, it has been rapidly industrialized. The purchase of tensile testing machine itself is the direct investment of experimental products into the national economic construction

at present, as an application software provider and system integrator of the automatic fare collection system of Beijing Metro capital airport line and line 13, our company has strong technical force and application development talents, and has received the support of the national innovation fund. At the same time, we have accumulated a lot of practical experience in the application of RFID in the implementation of the automatic fare collection system of the subway, and we are constantly carrying out research on RFID on this platform

III. Market and application prospects

3.1 the domestic rail transit AFC industry is developing rapidly

has a broad user base: the domestic market survey shows that people are increasingly inclined to take the subway as a daily way of travel, and the automatic fare collection system is the most direct interface between the subway and passengers

extensive application of AFC system: during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, the mileage of subway and light rail in mega cities across the country will exceed 1500 kilometers, and the total planned mileage will exceed 5000 kilometers. Among them, the automatic fare collection system, because it is the core system to meet large flow, complex transfer, and billing by mileage, has attracted more and more attention from owners

3.2the application of RFID in AFC is becoming more and more extensive

the rapidly growing RFID Market: relevant experts predict that the size of the RFID market will soar from 1.2 billion yuan in 2004 to 5.06 billion yuan in 2009, and will grow rapidly at an average annual growth rate of 33.2%

RFID technology is widely used in Subway:

ticket management: the use of RFID ticket cards; Automatic management and control of ticket box by RFID electronic tag; RFID payment application

locomotive management: traffic safety monitoring; Automatic identification management of vehicle number; Cargo management:

sorting and monitoring of luggage and goods

fund management: automatic management and control of cash boxes with RFID electronic tags; E-wallet, application of automatic settlement system, automatic toll management of vehicle and road traffic, etc

IV. the target and situation of the RFID pilot project of the subway line of the capital airport

4.1 purpose and goal

(1) the purpose of the pilot project

taking the pilot RFID Application of the subway line of the Beijing International Airport as the starting point, it is planned to develop and produce nearly 400000 tons of technology and equipment with domestic independent intellectual property rights, and with the help of the influence of this pilot project, it will be promoted on a larger scale, Break the situation that the industry relies heavily on foreign technology and even the core technology is monopolized by foreign countries

take management innovation, cost reduction and efficiency increase as the goal: on the one hand, based on the current situation, standardize the application standards of RFID in the field of rail transit, on the other hand, consider the long term, gradually accumulate and deeply analyze valuable data, so as to lay the foundation for future intelligent rail management and services

based on the application of RFID in, innovate and demonstrate card swiping and other businesses

(2) pilot objective

standards and specifications: formulate China's own RFID industry application standards and specifications in AFC system, and change the current situation that technology is subject to foreign countries. Specifically, it includes: interface standard specifications, equipment specifications, data exchange specifications, application expansion specifications, etc

localization and localization: develop general AFC professional products based on RFID technology, and achieve the goal of cost reduction, efficiency increase and high localization rate through the production of localization and localization equipment and modules

technology promotion: through the integration of existing technology platforms, we can manufacture products with independent intellectual property rights, high-tech content and high quality, innovate vehicle intelligent scheduling, site auxiliary planning, card swiping and other businesses, and gradually promote the complete set of AFC system to the whole country with Beijing as the center, breaking the situation that foreign manufacturers monopolize the domestic market

4.2 implementation plan

the pilot project is completed in two stages:

phase I: October 2006 July 2008

main tasks: system design, design review, system development, equipment trial production, equipment finalization and mass production, etc

phase II: October 2008 December 2010

main tasks: realize the comprehensive application of RFID technology in AFC system from the bottom to the high end, and complete the rail transit automatic fare collection system, whether for passengers or for operation management and revolutionary breakthrough

4.3 the content of technology research and development and intellectual property rights obtained in the first stage have been completed

Application of RFID one-way ticket

Application of RFID all-in-one card stored value ticket

ticket card logistics management of RFID ticket box

RFID coin cash management system

RFID banknote cash management system

at present, three software copyrights and two various patents have been obtained, And the property right is completely owned by the company

4.4 the business promotion has been completed in the first stage

at present, the RFID subway application technology we developed has been successfully applied to: AFC system of Beijing International Airport Line and AFC system of Beijing line 13

in the whole project implementation project, the company has obtained three software copyright certifications of "key management system software" and "AFC system software", as well as the independent research and development and production capacity of automatic ticket vending machines, semi-automatic ticket vending machines and automatic inquiry machines. The software and hardware production platform of the whole AFC has been basically built, and there is a special testing team to ensure the quality of the system

as one of the few CSSC AFCS with experience in implementing two successful projects and emerging as both a system integrator and an equipment supplier, it has undoubtedly become a leader in the AFC industry in the domestic AFC field. In the future business development, we will continue to give full play to our leading advantages, and gradually launch the application of Fred technology in Metro AFC in combination with the company's AFC system project, so as to promote the development of RFID technology

4.5 research and development contents and objectives of the second stage

research and development contents

in-depth mining and analysis system based on business data

subway operation decision analysis system

urban rail transit road planning analysis system

passenger flow and passenger behavior analysis system

research and development of RF technology for interactive services with subway equipment

formulation and research of relevant industry standards and specifications

project objectives

interface standards and specifications Proposal and improvement of equipment specifications, data exchange specifications, application expansion specifications and other relevant specifications and standards