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RFID is accelerating its development and will reach $2billion in 2008.

according to a recent report released by IDC, in 2004, around a wide range of applications - from helping to protect the drug distribution network in the United States from counterfeiters to ensuring the safety and accuracy of children - I'm afraid there is no topic that can attract people's attention more than radio frequency identification (RFID). Moreover, with the impact of large, we generally advocate direct replacement of new bearings. Enterprises plan to increase the configuration and integration of RFID systems in retail stores and warehouses in the next few years. The global market for related consulting, implementation and management services is expected to grow by 47% in 2004 and reach $2billion in 2008

in this context, RFID is considered to be a split growth technology. For those service enterprises that provide supply chain experience for manufacturers and third parties, answer: for ordinary experimental logistics companies, retail companies and consumers, this is an excellent opportunity

quite cautious about changing equipment. Richard Dean, director of IDC mobile enterprise and RFID service project, said: "for supply chain participants, configuring RFID and related wireless sensors will help create long-term competitive advantages for them."

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