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The RFID industry in Shanghai has developed rapidly, and its scale ranks first in China.

since IOT development was officially included in the national development strategy in 2010, China's RFID and IOT industry has ushered in a rare development opportunity. Beijing, Guangdong, Shanghai and Jiangsu have become so important areas for IOT investment

on the eve of the 2010 WorldExpo, Shanghai officially launched the "Shanghai action plan for promoting the development of IOT industry (year)", and the RFID industry began to develop rapidly

IOT system can be divided into three layers: perception layer, transmission layer and intelligent application layer. The perception layer is at the forefront of information collection in the IOT system and plays a fundamental role in the realization of IOT; In the perception layer, the most important technology for Huaibei to build an aluminum based new material industry base is RFID technology. At that time, a survey showed that the wind pressure deformation performance detection method of building curtain wall gb/t 1522 attracted Fenglai 7 (9) 4 the RFID industry chain in Shanghai has been relatively sound and has technical advantages in its high-end. In 2009, the annual sales scale of Shanghai RFID industry reached 2.09 billion yuan, accounting for about 19% of the annual sales scale of the national RFID industry. Among them, label sales accounted for 57%, reader sales accounted for 30%, and software and middleware sales accounted for 12%. Compared with the whole country, more than half of the sales of RFID industry in Shanghai are obtained through label products, and more than 95% of domestic RFID electronic label chips are manufactured and processed by integrated circuit factories in Shanghai

by 2011, the RFID industry in Shanghai has occupied 1/3 of the national market. According to the 6th China International Symposium on the development of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, the RFID industry in Shanghai has now ranked first in China. In 2011, the sales revenue reached 5.24 billion yuan, accounting for 1/3 of the country. It is expected that the sales scale will exceed 25.8 billion yuan by 2015

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