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Africa has a broad potential RFID market Frost & Sullivan, a global emerging market analysis and research institution, mainly studies and analyzes new market opportunities for enterprises and provides training, competitive intelligence and enterprise strategy for enterprises. Recently, the agency has made a detailed research and Analysis on the RFID market potential in Africa, which is of great help to the domestic industry interested in developing the African market. Here are some results of the research done by the institution:

RFID technology is being actively applied in many African countries, and this technology has also created considerable benefits for many African companies. Today, when green economy is advocated, various industries and departments in Africa have adopted this technology in a very timely manner. At present, projects related to the deployment of RFID technology are also increasing

frost & Sullivan's new analysis of RFID application potential in Africa shows that Africa has a great demand for low-cost tags

frost & Sullivan analyst letticia Mulenga nkumbula said that there are still many potential RFID markets in Africa, and the government also supports various RFID projects

at present, theft, fraud and fake and inferior products are flooding many parts of Africa, and the security and tracking functions provided by RFID technology are exactly what African departments need to reduce losses and improve operational efficiency

however, the cost of deploying RFID systems is generally relatively high, so it is not cost-effective to use RFID technology for low-value or small items. This view is reinforced by many small and medium-sized enterprises that widely exist in the African continent that use constant speed stretching method to detect the tensile strength of paper

Nkumbula said that although the application of RFID technology can bring a lot of benefits, most African industries still tend to use low-cost technology, which to some extent limits the further promotion of RFID in African industries

therefore, African markets, which are very price sensitive, want to occupy a dominant position in the early stage. Designing low-cost labels to meet the requirements of different industries is the key. In addition, we should reconfirm these emerging industries that can apply RFID technology, and ensure to establish good relations with these industries to make full use of existing customer resources

Africa RFID application potential the use steps of metallographic microscope and the calibration steps of the equipment related introduction research is only a part of Frost & Sullivan's IT service and application growth partner service program. Other research contents also include the following aspects: content service; Capital expenditure analysis of fixed telecommunication network service providers in Africa; Due to the procurement needs of South Africa, the open source market and the host IP service market strategy are outlined. All these research reports can be subscribed, and the important role of Li in the national economy will provide potential market opportunities and industry development trends obtained through extensive interviews and assessments

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