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China's RFID industry is about to enter the fast lane of accelerated development

at present, China's RFI "therefore, the specific details still need to be repeatedly communicated with the CIRC. The D industrial chain has been basically established, mainly concentrated in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing and other places, of which Shanghai is mainly chip (such as Fudan Microelectronics, Shanghai Huahong, etc.), while Shenzhen is dominant in packaging and application (such as Huitian, yuanwanggu, etc.) , Beijing has made rapid development in system integration schemes and other aspects

China has made substantial progress in the application and deployment of electronic labels (RFID) such as Electromechanical, accessories, sheet metal, board cards, sensors, etc. in 2006. After the official establishment of the RFID national standards working group, the development of RFID has gradually stepped into the track of standardization and standardization. As the national RFID industrial policy, the white paper on China's RFID Technology Policy (hereinafter referred to as the white paper) has more clearly defined the development route of China's RFID. It is reported that the RFID national standard will be issued soon, and the RF frequency will be opened before the end of the year. A series of progress indicates that China's RFID will soon enter the fast lane of accelerated development

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